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  1. What is the Meadowood project?

    Meadowood is a master-planned community of 844 homes that will be built on a 389.5-acre parcel of land northeast of the intersection of Interstate 15 and State Route 76 in the northern San Diego County community of Fallbrook.

  2. What is the vision for Meadowood?

    Pardee Homes envisions a community with an emphasis on open space, trail access and preservation of natural resources, such as sensitive habitat areas and wildlife corridors. The project has been designed to conserve water and energy, and to complement the Fallbrook community by blending harmoniously with the surrounding area.

  3. How much open space will the project have?

    Almost half of the 389.5 acres has been designated as open space. This will include natural open areas and existing groves of avocado and citrus that will be maintained by the homeowners association. A neighborhood park, nearly six miles of multi-use trails, pocket parks, and an elementary school site are also planned.

  4. Who is the developer?

    Pardee Homes has proposed the Meadowood project. Established in 1921, Pardee Homes provides new home choices for a spectrum of households, with particular focus on master-planned settings that also include schools, parks, employment centers and preserved open space. The company is active in California and Nevada, with regional offices in San Diego, Corona, Sacramento, Valencia and Las Vegas. In 2004, the company celebrated its 50th anniversary in San Diego.

  5. What types of homes would be built in Meadowood?

    The plans call for a range of housing types, including a variety of single-family home styles, and multi-family homes.

  6. What is the status of the project?

    Pardee Homes' Meadowood project was approved by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors in January of 2012. . Pardee Homes is currently working with the Local Agency Formation Commission, or LAFCO, which will make a ruling on the local agency that will provide water and sewer service to Meadowood.

  7. How can the community be assured that Pardee will honor its commitments regarding the design and development of Meadowood?

    Pardee is in business for the long-term, as evidenced by the quality homes, master-planned communities, and commercial and office space the company has built in San Diego County over the past half-century and in other parts of California since 1921. Pardee's commitment to the communities where they build begins long before the first nail is pounded in, and continues long after new homeowners have settled into their homes. Pardee plans to be hard at work building master-planned communities in San Diego County for many years to come, so maintaining its excellent reputation and continuing to build excellent relations with the communities where they build is a top priority.

  8. What is Pardee's track record on the environment?

    Pardee believes strongly in protecting and preserving the environment. That can be seen throughout all of its projects, through measures such as creation of wildlife corridors, the use of environmentally sustainable materials, and our successful efforts to conserve water and energy. Also, the LivingSmart ™ program offers environmentally friendly options to homebuyers.

  9. Can we expect Pardee Homes to be involved with the Fallbrook community after the Meadowood project is approved?

    Pardee Homes establishes ties to the community long before construction begins and, as with all of its master-planned communities, Pardee Homes makes a long-term commitment to existing residents of the area and those who will one day live in the homes the company. Pardee and its parent company Weyerhaeuser, have been involved with the Fallbrook community since initial planning began on the Meadowood project. That has included support and a presence at community events such as the Avocado Festival, and support for worthy groups such as Friends of the Fallbrook Library, Legacy Endowment, the Boys and Girls Club of North County, and the Miracle League of San Diego, which has built a baseball field for children with disabilities.

  10. How will this development fit in with the surrounding area? Aren't there more homes proposed for this project than exist in other parts of Fallbrook?

    Pardee Homes believes that with the proper planning, Meadowood will fit in well with the community of Fallbrook. Through the emphasis on open space, screening of the project with natural buffers and selection of colors and building materials to blend in with surrounding natural areas, Meadowood will be seen as a model of responsible, environmentally sensitive development.

  11. What about Fallbrook's rural character?

    While we expect our density will be greater than some other areas of Fallbrook, we believe our project will help lessen demand for higher densities in the semi-rural areas of Fallbrook.

  12. Will existing agriculture be preserved?

    Existing avocado and citrus groves will be preserved as part of Meadowood's permanent open space. Those groves will be maintained by the homeowners' associations in the Meadowood community.

  13. How will Meadowood benefit the Fallbrook area?

    Pardee will add value to Fallbrook through participation in and support of community affairs, while the new homes in Meadowood will help meet the need for housing in North County. Also, the development will help address needs for new infrastructure, such as roads, schools and parks. Pardee intends for Meadowood to respect the character of the surrounding area and complement the surrounding environment.

  14. Who will pay for the new infrastructure that is needed?

    The Meadowood development will contribute its fair share toward public infrastructure improvements.

  15. How dense will the Meadowood project be?

    The revised plan for Meadowood reflects an overall proposed density of 2.2 units per gross acre.

  16. What kind of visual screening will you have?

    Views of the project from Interstate 15 and State Route 76 will be screened or blocked completely. From certain points on I-15 the project will be visible. This visibility is reduced because the distance from these viewpoints to the project is at least 2,000 feet. Earth tones will be used on the roofs and sides of the homes to make them blend in with the landscaping.

  17. How will there be enough water to serve the project?

    Meadowood has been designed to be a zero-net impact water community, meaning that the development will fully offset its water demands and have no increase on water usage for the District selected to serve the project. Meadowood will achieve the zero-net water footprint by incorporating advanced water conservation techniques, utilizing local groundwater supplies for irrigation, developing an on-site recycled water treatment plant and working with the County Water Authority to identify and implement water recycling projects that will further ensure the offset of any remaining potable water demand.

  18. What size homes will you be building, and what will be the price ranges?

    We anticipate building multi-family housing as well as a variety of single-family homes with various lot sizes. The price ranges will be determined when the project is further into development.

  19. Will the trails be available for horse use?

    Our multi-use trail system is designated for equestrian use as well as hiking and biking. The 5.9 acres of trails will link from the river valley to an existing trail along the ridgeline, then proceeds northerly.

  20. Will there be any retail shopping centers with grocery stores on the property?

    Pardee is not planning to build any large retail centers or grocery stores on the property. There are commercial areas planned in the two adjacent projects proposed by other builders.