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Pardee Homes is at the forefront of creating environmentally sustainable communities. Meadowood and the homes within the master-planned community will be designed to protect the environment, conserve natural resources and blend in with the surrounding rural area. These goals are part of Pardee Homes' longstanding commitment to environmentally responsible development of its master-planned communities.

Meadowood's design emphasizes open space, habitat preservation, trail access and protection of wildlife corridors. Homes will be clustered, meaning they will be placed on the flatter, more usable areas of the property, allowing the preservation of environmentally sensitive land, including steep slopes and ridgelines.

Almost half of the 389.5-acre project area will be designated as permanent open space once the project is completed. The open space areas will include existing avocado and citrus groves that will serve as a buffer between the residential community and natural open space. The groves will be maintained by Meadowood's homeowners' associations.

The plan also calls for a 10-acre neighborhood park, pocket parks, an elementary school and nearly six miles of multi-purpose trails and walking paths.

Pardee Homes has designed Meadowood to be a zero-net impact water community, meaning that Meadowood will fully offset its water demands and have no increase on water usage for the District selected to serve the project. Meadowood will achieve the zero-net water footprint by incorporating advanced water conservation techniques, utilizing local groundwater supplies for irrigation, developing an on-site recycled water treatment plant and working with the County Water Authority to identify and implement water recycling projects that will further ensure the offset of any remaining potable water demand.

Furthering its commitment to energy efficiency, Pardee Homes has designed Meadowood to be a model-energy community. Meadowood will incorporate features that reduce energy consumption and encourage homeowners to adopt sustainable practices in their homes and community. Homebuyers will have options to improve indoor air and water quality, conserve natural resources and lower water and electricity use. This program is called LivingSmart™, and includes HealthSmart™, WaterSmart™, EnergySmart™ and EarthSmart™ options. More information about the LivingSmart™ program can be found at Pardee Homes' Web site, www.PardeeHomes.com.