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General Plan 2020

Shaping future development

The County of San Diego recently approved a comprehensive update to its existing General Plan, which was the first update to the County General Plan since 1979. This updated General Plan will shape future growth throughout the County's unincorporated areas, which currently comprises approximately 84 percent of the County's overall land. Meadowood will incorporate many of the principles and themes from the General Plan Update which are noted below.

Smart-Growth Framework

  • New land use rules proposed under the GPU create a "smart-growth" framework for future development, which calls for homes to be built near jobs, schools and transportation corridors. To align with this concept, Meadowood will be built near the proposed Campus Park and Campus Park West projects which include plans for commercial and job centers. Additionally, the Palomar Community College District is building a satellite campus nearby.
  • The multi-year GPU process began in August 1998. Since the current General Plan was adopted in 1979, considerable growth and change have occurred, leading to the incorporation of a number of cities and the annexation of lands on the periphery of the unincorporated area.
  • The San Diego Association of Governments, or SANDAG, is an agency comprised of representatives from the 18 cities in San Diego County and the County government. SANDAG, which prepares forecasts of demographic and economic data for the region, projects the population of San Diego County to increase from the current 2.8 million to 3.8 million by 2020. During that time period, the population of the unincorporated area is expected to increase from the present 451,000 to 666,000.

New housing needed

Based on the present housing shortage in San Diego County, additional housing will be needed to meet current and future demand.

According to the County Department of Planning and Land Use's website, the updated General Plan "will form a framework into which the unincorporated communities will grow, shaping the future of San Diego County. The end product will be a document that protects the environment, accommodates population growth, and links that growth to the provision of required facilities and services."